In Israel, a sherut is a shared taxi with 10 passengers. The sherut rides along the most frequented routes but, unlike a bus, drops you off wherever you wish. The cost of the sherut is shared among the passengers and will not leave until all or most of the seats are filled. Like a sherut, our program hopes to bring people together, take them on a journey and leave them in a different place than where they began.

The Sherut Project is program unique to Rochester that seeks to engage a new generation (25-45), drive our Jewish community forward and shape our future. The Sherut Project offers compelling and meaningful programs that reflect the interests and diversity of this generation. Projects differ in size, scope and depth, and evolve as new leadership and ideas emerge. The program, by design, recognizes that each person is at a different point in their Jewish journey and can be tailor-made for the individual or group.

To learn more or to get involved, contact Debbie Zarkowsky, dzarkowsky@jewishrochester.org.