The X-BOX Challenge is designed to introduce families to the concept of the mitzvah (commandment) and enable them to work together and serve the community simultaneously. The program begins with an introduction to the Brighton Food Cupboard and the need for food in our community. In the center of the room, there are 10 identical boxes with the letter X on top of each. Inside each box is one item that the Brighton Food Cupboard needs to stock, for example, spaghetti, toilet paper, paper towels, tuna fish, etc. Each family chooses one box and strategizes together how to collect as much of that item as they can over a two month period.

Families compete with one another and  track their progress as the challenge unfolds. The winner, the family collecting the most of their item, receives a real X-BOX to donate to a worthy organization of their choice and the coveted title of X-BOX winner.

To get involved in the X-BOX Challenge, contact Debbie Zarkowsky,

See how the Goldstein Family was impacted by the X-BOX Challenge (on video).